I had many dilemmas about how I will write these lines. To be honest and straightforward from the beginning, the idea of ​​writing an emotional article about the TEDxFloreasca speakers belongs to me. Because I wanted to write about Mihai. And let the world know about the person who changed my life. But, more than that, I wanted to have the perfect, unremitting pretext of drinking coffee with him. It could be my low self-esteem, my freak control or professional reflex, I have no idea, and sincerely, I do not care; it was important to find the perfect strategy to get my desire fulfilled. To meet again with a loving man, with whom I had lost contact for years.

And then it hit me… I will write, as usual, about me. This is how I respect my obsession of respect for the unique perspective of each of us, by not imagining states and not telling stories that are not mine to live and share. But telling you why I felt the need to apply my maximum operational and strategic efficiency (hmmm, sounds pretentious, it is not) to make sure I will meet this man again. Why I feel that on my priorities list, the time spent with Mihai Guran is on the top.

When Mihai arrived at Dell, I was dealing with the Dell Line in System Plus. I was an arrogant but laborious young man and a lover of beautiful and intelligent things. Together with Tom (another highway, you will see) I have succeeded beautiful stories, which I keep in my soul. Did I say I was an arrogant kid? Yeap, I wanted more, better and more, “different” than there. To be brilliant, professional and well paid. More, better, faster. And he came. I was already telling him how, hurriedly to choose between extremely poor variants to leave, but which seemed brilliant at that time, we would not work together, when Mihai recommended me for IBM’s Large Accounts team. I had the interviews by my own, but maybe I never got there. The time spent in IBM, as the youngest member of the Large Accounts team, was one of the two business and professional life schools that have definitively influenced my next ten years. And maybe all those who followed, in fact. In IBM, I learned what consultancy and sales mean. It was that explosion of time that changed the way of life. A decisive, important road, as a South Californian highway on a sunset in Sunday evening. Mihai is one of my highways and for that I am deeply grateful.

Now you can understand some of the reasons what for I wanted so much for us to meet. The rest cannot be described, because they are beyond words. I’m where you feel something when this man looks into your eyes and talks to you. It is what has been able to work for so many years in the business environment when a manager of a Romanian company had to recruit top headcounts in Sillicon Valley. It’s what makes a man who is fired on good, respectful and with the maximum you can do for his exit, when he meets you over the years to shake your hand and thank you. It’s what when it shows you a process chart that was born cold as ice to make you feel and know from your whole being that it is already a living reality and that it was the best variant for your soul and your business. Now I get it. Dear Mihai, you will see these lines before I will publish them. If you want, you can change anything. If not, even this paragraph, will remain just as I wrote it on the first hand. Because that’s my style: I always write the articles only at first hand :). So, I was saying I got it. That I caught you. That I know what you’re doing, dear Mihai, to make yourself a highway for so many people you work with. It now explains why you could succeed so naturally where the others were, to put it mildly, extremely hard. It’s so simple what you do, and that’s why at first glance it seems so easy to copy and do.
Because, dear Mihai, you are one of the few who put the soul in the core of any business. And that cannot be replicated. And I’m so glad! I am taking a bow, with respect, gratitude and joy,


Dan Ștefănescu