I think that as long as I establish clear goals and keep them in mind, I’m giving my mind something to work on in order to not let my mind “work” me.
I firmly believe that taking risks, but within a limit of prudence, means evolution, and without them success can not be achieved.
I like to ask myself many questions, to doubt, but at the same time to believe in everything that surrounds me, until life gives me the answers.
I know that the impossible is not possible and so it is impossible to achieve all that I have in mind.
I am passionate about personal development, human behavior, the way we think and emotions, and that has made me head towards coaching.
In this life, I’m set out to discover the formula by which any man can build a beneficial life for himself and not only.
I think there is only one cause for all of our problems, namely the weak management of the perceptions we live in, the emotions, but most of all, the ego. That’s why my motto in life is: “Give all the attention to yourself and give up the ego.”