Co-founder & CEO – The community that promotes the democratization of life-long learning. When you need it. Where you need it.

Maria believes that education is the one true force that empowers people to live happier, more accomplished and more conscious lives. And societies where continuous learning is a norm for most individuals are stronger, more prosperous and more harmonized.

For more than 15 years, Maria was lucky to taste in her corporate career the benefits of continuous, deliberate learning – from coaching, mentorship, to top class training programs, each meant to challenge current barriers and awake new sources of potential for personal balance and professional growth. Sensing firsthand the power of individual growth through learning, Maria felt the need to give back: first as facilitator for others – as mentor and as a trainer for different leadership areas, for innovation and for marketing & brand building. Then, as architect for larger scale capability building programs. As such, Maria was South East Europe Capabilities Leader for P&G, then, as President of IAA Romania, she was the cofounder of AcademIAA (Marcomm businesses & academic partnership) and of IAA International Conference “Creativity4Better”. Following these programs set to grow Romanian Marcomm talents, Maria was recognized amongst top 50 most influential women in Romania by Forbes 2 years in a row and, also, recognized as IAA Global Champion by IAA Global.

With the intent to take the dream of democratizing life-long learning to a new level and in partnership with a team of learning passionates, Maria co-founded – the platform that brings together the best learning programs (training, coaching, mentorship) for people to grow wherever they are and whenever they need to unlock any learning need. Among other innovative features, is thought to promote learning across all social groups – as such, “Trainings for a Better World” initiative of Qriser is a “learning” donation program targeting disfavoured communities that can grow to better lives, through the power of learning.