Cristian China-Birta has 12 years of experience in social media, being one of the pioneers of this domain in Romania.

During his 10 years of blogging, he wrote over 13.500 blog articles on his personal blog or on blogs from the publishing network he created (more than 30 blogs and sites).

He took part in and even organised more than 500 social media campaigns (blogging campaigns, Facebook contests, content creating, video blogging etc.).

Cristian China-Birta organised more than 100 workshops on social media during different events.

He is the co-organizer of social media courses for companies, aimed at the practical conclusion of solving problems the company is confronted with.

As a public figure, he is constantly invited to be on TV shows, covering all sorts of subjects, from social media to education or entrepreneurship.

He reaches an audience of more than 100.000 people (subscribers, followers, fans, connections) through all the social media channels he is present on.

Cristian China-Birta created Kooperativa 2.0, one of the best digital agencies in Romania, in 2013. He is still a partner, but no longer involved in the operational activities of the agency, taking rather a strategic role in the business’s development.

In 2011 he launched, the biggest blogger contest platform in Romania with over 2.500 bloggers enrolled, with more than 400 campaigns conducted through the platform and 210.000 Euros in prizes for the winners.

He was awarded with ”The best Romanian blogger” title for four years in a row, in the rankings of one of the most important business magazines, Revista Biz.

He received more than 20 important awards in his 12 years of social media activities.