The world of dew — A world of dew it is indeed, And yet, and yet . . .”. Kobayashi Issa’s haiku best expresses the relationship he always had with music: the endless search for the undefinable rest.

He seeks to combine the pleasure for the cartesian categories and well-structured endeavors, such as business, with the freedom that music and creative species, in general, provide.

For over 12 years he has been active in the IT business solutions market, where he led teams and business divisions for some of the largest IT companies in Romania. He opened a few international markets, created new business lines and developed a few pioneering projects for the local market, while working for companies such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, or entrepreneurial local companies. Beginning this year, he is a part of Sampa Mind, a young dynamic and innovative company, with plans of becoming an international business until the end of 2019. During all this time, he was involved in several musical projects, ranging from rock/progressive bands to movie scores, theater music or classical music.

At present he is lead guitarist and main composer for the progressive rock band Heavy Strings, which he also founded. Heavy Strings is currently recording an album in the studio, due to come out at the beginning of 2020. He composed a classical music trilogy, based on the Japanese concept of beauty (Wabi – Sabi – Yugen) and he’s working on a rock opera, in which he hopes to combine progressive rock tones with the fascinating structure of classical music.

He believes that music is essentially about freedom, uniqueness and individuality, and potentially one of the most effective and charming forms of meditation. Music is about the optimal balance between order and chaos, which is why it is one of the most efficient producers of meaning, as a mechanism of ordering the world.

Ciprian’s credo is the Navajo concept of “Walking in beauty”, meaning to walk in harmony with all living things and being in the state of awareness where you feel connected to everything around you.