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Cristian Hostiuc


Adrian Dragomir

Adrian Dragomir is the CEO of Termene.ro, company established in 2014 from the dream to offer firms business opportunities and a correct evaluation of risks in business. He is the co-founder of a lot of companies, speaker at business events and mentor for romanian entrepreneurs that are in the start-up or growing phase.

Dr. Adrian Mina

Founder of Davinci Dental Clinic, Dr.Adrian Mina would love to live in a world where everybody smiles and by his day-by-day work is trying to provide oral health, self confidence and happiness to each one of the patients who put their faith in his hands and knowledge. Even though he spent many years in Canada,Dr.Mina decided to come back in his birth city and make a vocation out of a […]

Diana Catrina

My name is Diana, I am a certified fitness group instructor, also specialised in zumba and cycling classes with a continuous growth in experience and expertise. My passion for fitness has been the main fuel for my journey ever since I learnt how to walk and determined me to strive for a future career in sports medicine, a goal that I am working towards each day at a time.


Five people with different bussines background gathered by one big passion ” teatre of improvisation “. No text, without props, just  relying on themselves, using one magical ingredient: smile. Everything they do on the stage is unique and it is performed for the first and last time. Smile: it is time for improvisation! Funkey! Funk Your Brain!

Ciprian Ursu

“The world of dew — A world of dew it is indeed, And yet, and yet . . .”. Kobayashi Issa’s haiku best expresses the relationship he always had with music: the endless search for the undefinable rest. He seeks to combine the pleasure for the cartesian categories and well-structured endeavors, such as business, with the freedom that music and creative species, in general, provide. For over 12 years he […]

Tudor Tim Ionescu

Tudor Tim Ionescu is coach, motivational speaker, and consultant, providing strategies and capabilities for businesses and leaders. He is a well known trainer as well. He is committed to the progress of the people and society, topics he touches in every media publishing. Through the books, speeches, trainings, Tudor dedicated to supporting the growth of every person towards success, regardless where he stands now. He is an activist for protection […]

Constantin Opriș

An optimistic and creative television host turning ideas and passions into authentic businesses. Leading with success economical projects and building new ways of marketing strategies and team management.  

Carmen Amariei

With a career of 25 years playing handball, out of which 18 years of high performance, Carmen Amariei is now a handball coach.  “All this time I have learned how important connection is, communicating with the people around me and how much we can help each other to achieve the objectives we have set together. I love teamwork and the devotion and the force that it can bring to you. […]

Simona Straton

Simona Straton is a business counselor and she describes herself as a ferment of growth for her clients’ businesses, from a holistic perspective. She puts her sound judgment and versatile expertise to work for established entrepreneurial businesses, as a lifetime vocation. She believes that her contribution is to bring positive change to businesses, to make them more aware of their assets, more resilient when faced to challenges, more efficient when […]

Mihai Șora

Mihai Sora s-a nascut la 7 noiembrie 1916, la Timisoara. Dupa studii de filozofie la Universitatea din Bucuresti (1934-1938), unde l-a avut profesor, printre altii, pe Nae Ionescu, a plecat la Paris, unde a obtinut titlul de doctor in filozofie, devenind pentru o vreme cercetator la Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique. Revenit in tara, se dedica unei vaste activitati editoriale, regandind din temelii colectia “Biblioteca pentru toti”, in care […]

Alexandru Dumitru

Fascinated with nature, its fruit and our own cultural heritage, Alexandru Dumitru is one of the young chefs that are shaping modern Romanian gastronomy. His talent, as well as his quest for the perfect ingredients and orientation towards quality produce have won him two Gault&Millau awards – one, in 2018, for his collaboration with local producers, and the 2019 Chef of the Year distinction. Alexandru is head chef of the […]

George Bonea

In a world where everybody tells you the secret of becoming rich, how to have a dream career and a partner from a magazine, there is room for a little honesty. You have been told countless times that you can do it, that success depends on you and that you have everything you need for a happy life? Most probably you have been lied. There are millions of reasons because […]

Maria Predoiu

Co-founder & CEO Qriser.com – The community that promotes the democratization of life-long learning. When you need it. Where you need it. Maria believes that education is the one true force that empowers people to live happier, more accomplished and more conscious lives. And societies where continuous learning is a norm for most individuals are stronger, more prosperous and more harmonized. For more than 15 years, Maria was lucky to […]

Tuncay Ozturk

Experienced business owner with a demonstrated history of working in the healthcare industry, Tuncay Ozturk is a social media entrepreneur, philanthropist, an empathic with a purpose, who draws attention over the importance of global standards of medicine by highlighting his experiences through his unique journey. Tuncay started to share his medical path and knowledge through his popular social media platforms, in order to help as many individuals as possible regarding […]

Johanna Florea

Johanna Florea is an international certified Consultant in Feng Shui & Chinese Metaphysics. After over 16 years of building up great teams as a senior professional manager in large multinational companies and another 5 years as an entrepreneur in Romania, she climbed to the top of Kilimanjaro Mount (5.895m) trying to find “her way”. In 2017, by chance and challenge, life brought Feng Shui into her path and since then […]

Cristian China – Birta

Cristian China-Birta has 12 years of experience in social media, being one of the pioneers of this domain in Romania. During his 10 years of blogging, he wrote over 13.500 blog articles on his personal blog or on blogs from the publishing network he created (more than 30 blogs and sites). He took part in and even organised more than 500 social media campaigns (blogging campaigns, Facebook contests, content creating, […]

Ovidiu Oltean

After 4 years of programming and 3 years of sales, Ovidiu discovered what oratory really means in 2012, at Toastmasters Club in Cluj. A year later he dedicated himself to public speaking and became one of the most awarded and appreciated experts from this field in Romania, as a triple European champion and 16 times national champion at Public Speaking. His mission is to support people to have more confidence […]

Marius Dușă

I think that as long as I establish clear goals and keep them in mind, I’m giving my mind something to work on in order to not let my mind “work” me. I firmly believe that taking risks, but within a limit of prudence, means evolution, and without them success can not be achieved. I like to ask myself many questions, to doubt, but at the same time to believe […]

Simona Chesăraicu

Simona is Qualified MBSR Teacher, trained at Centre for Mindfulness at University of Massachusetts Medical School and CBT Psychotherapist, with competencies in Clinical Psychology and Schema Therapy. After almost 20 years spent in multinational companies, mainly working in human resources management, training, career counseling and people development, Simona decided to continue her way working as a psychotherapist. After couple of years of personal practice, mindfulness became not only a generous […]

Oana Radu

I am a Human Resources professional with over 20 years of hands-on experience that believes in the value and importance of the people experience within organizations whether they be clients, candidates or employees. Passionate about self-discovery, learning and development I have had many opportunities to train or counsel students, job candidates, employees and managers either one-on-one or in a formal classroom setting on a wide variety of topics like Leadership, […]

Andrei Vulpescu

He is a journalist, relationship blogger and author. From 2016 and until now, he has published the following books: “Intelligent men don’t need mistresses”, “Love, from A to Z – the alphabet of relationships”, “Break-ups collector” and “Help! I love and it hurts – guide for emotional hygene” (book written in collaboration with the psychotherapist Gabriela Dumitriu). “The transition from journalism to blogging was not simple, but it has helped […]

Roxana Mîțu

Roxana Mîțu is someone you can describe as a life & people lover, someone who works with people in order to bring a change for the better and goes by the name of Consultant. She believes in people and their surprising potential for growth and is passionate to create environments where evolution is welcome. On …she will bring[NEW] perspectives on the layers that cover our smiles. Roxana is a graduate […]