Oana Doboși – Potcoavă & Raluca Selejan

At Two Owls Bookshop is an independent initiative of two life-long best friends, Oana Doboși – Potcoavă and Raluca Selejan. It was only a normal course to open an independent bookshop in their hometown, since both are passionate about books and literary life.

Oana Doboși – Potcoavă (b.1988) studied French and Romanian Language and Literature at West University of Timișoara and then went to Paris for a MA in Cultural Management and Publishing Politics at Unniversite Paris 13. She had internships, during her two-year stay in Paris, at Plon-Perrin, Gallimard and Seuil Publishing Houses. After the studies, she returned to Timișoara and worked as General Director at West University of Timișoara Publishing House. At the bookshop, Oana is responsible of contracts and suppliers, book orders and financial management.

Raluca Selejan (b.1988) studied Romanian and English Language and Literature at West University of Timișoara. She has an MA in Cultural Management at the Faculty of Letters with a diploma on Art & Literature in Unconventional Spaces. She worked as a communications officer at the Department of Communications, Image and Institutional Marketing of West University of Timișoara and at Association Timișoara 2021 – European Capital of Culture, during the candidacy. At the bookshop, Raluca is responsible of communication, events, internships and partnerships.

They both are members of the organizing team of Timișoara International Literary Festival (www.filtm.ro). And of course, both know what the other owl is working on so they can take every decision together.

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