Ionut Budisteanu

I am a computer geek, and my greatest satisfaction is to try to use my knowledge to improve people’s lives, and especially to create all kinds of software and devices to help individuals or persons with disabilities. I am programming for more than 10 years and I can tell you that programming and research are parts of my life. I have always dreamed to do amazing software, electronic devices, and my work to be used and contribute to the humankind development. This is the man’s purpose on Earth. I am a very perseverant, hard-working person and all of the time I tried to surpass myself. Now, I am working at VisionBot to bring affordable Pick and Place machines through my company for the marker world, for those who are looking to assembly Printed Circuit Boards in their own garage. In 2013, I had been working to a create a low-cost self-driving car that was using Artificial Intelligence. In 2012 I created an electronic device that was using Artificial Intelligence to help blind people to see with their tongue and an automated system that was using AI to recognize traffic jams or other natural disasters like hurricanes, arsons, oil spill, floods from satellite images. When I was a sophomore high school student I created my own programming language named “AILab” – scripting language for Artificial Intelligence. This is what I love to do and I want to find myself to the limit of knowledge!



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